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Living and Working in the 18th Century
Metal Work and Gunsmithing

Colonial gunsmiths were a valuable part of the community in early America. Come view rifles and muskets in various stages of completion as well as period tools to build and repair them.

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Activities for Teens and Children

Local educators provide a great opportunity for children to learn about the colonial era and have fun playing colonial era games.

Social Etiquette and Colonial Dancing

Social dancing was a vital part of life in the colonial era. Proficiency in dance was a necessary part of what it meant to be a "Gentleman" or a “Lady." Come learn how to dance and socialize like a proper Colonist.

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Army of the Columbia Fife and Drum Corps

Based in the Northwest, the Army of the Columbia Fife and Drum Corps is a premier award-winning organization that portrays soldiers who had very important roles during the Revolutionary War.

Colonial Crafts and Textiles

18th Century crafts will be on display in the Fiber Arts tent and in other camps around the venue. View demonstrations of flax and wool spinning, weaving, knitting, bobbin lace, shuttle knotting, and sewing done by the Daughters of Liberty who supported the effort for Independence. Pam Gassman highlights details of the many tools used in these crafts.

Watch videos from the Daughters of Liberty on YouTube.

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Religion and The Great Awakening

The quest to practice the religion of Christianity in freedom was the motivation that drove our forefathers to flee to the new world. Learn more from The Colonial Parson and Patriot Militia Chaplain, Wylin Tjoelker.

Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution

The Sons of the American Revolution is a patriotic, historical, and educational Society, dedicated to assisting members, schools, teachers and the general public in their efforts to sustain and preserve our history and constitutional principles. Visit with members and hear talks about colonial frontier life, the history and use of the flag. The Daughters of the American Revolution offer a view from the Distaff side with a focus on education, historic preservation and patriotism.

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The Continental Militia will participate in skirmish reenactments and musket firing demonstrations throughout the encampment. You can also visit and chat with them about life in the 18th Century and during the War for Independence.

The unit represents the Regiments of Foot, sent in 1774 “to bring order to the chaotic situation in Boston”, maintain law and order and keep the King’s Peace. Watch as they perform the Manual of Arms 1764, engage in popular pastimes, and receive pay and rations. Come discuss colonial politics and see history from the British perspective.

Based in the Pacific Northwest, this is a family-friendly group of 18th century history buffs, focused on outdoor encampments. There will be demos at various camp tents. Music and dancing specific to the colonial era will be featured by this group on the Festival Commons and is open to all ages.

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